Innovation Launches Here

July 19, 2023

Calgary, Alberta | It’s been a year in the making, and Alberta’s Biohubx is ready for take-off. The organization, which offers flexible lab and office space and supports to help life science companies commercialize, has this week launched its full website at

Biohubx was founded in March 2020 by a group of Calgary entrepreneurs and scientists who seek to foster a thriving life science industry as a critical component of a diversified and vibrant Alberta economy. The organization’s directors believe this goal requires a two-pronged approach, providing infrastructure and support for emerging life science ventures as well as global pharma and medical device companies.

“In Alberta, we have the academic institutions and talent to foster life science innovation through start-up phases, but then support tends to drop off before commercialization,” said Tina Rinker, a founding director of Biohubx and co-founder and CSO of Syantra Inc. “Biohubx bridges that gap, helping innovations get from bench to marketplace.”

Biohubx provides a range of supports for emerging ventures as they shift to global operations. Members benefit from strategic partnerships, community, supply chain information, advocacy, quality systems training and more. The organization also offers scalable lab and office space in its first facility, Biospace1, a multi-tenant hub of offices and CPSA and ISO certified labs.

Creating an environment where global pharma and medical device companies will want to focus is an equally important part of nurturing life science innovation in Alberta, according to the Biohubx team. That’s why they offer a suite of supports to help de-risk the process of setting up shop in Alberta. These include local expertise, Alberta health sector contacts and insights, advocacy, facilities, coordination and management of space and more.

“Alberta offers the same access to North American markets as global centres like Boston or San Francisco; at a fraction of the cost,” said Rinker. “We can connect outside companies with the expertise, facilities and support they need to succeed in North America, from right here in Alberta.”