soft landing program

North America

Biohubx is a reputable not-for-profit organization supporting the life sciences ecosystem regionally and globally. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Biohubx creates the necessary conditions for life sciences start-ups to succeed. In keeping with one of its foundational values, Be Global, Biohubx supports the expansion goals of its members so health solutions can be made available beyond regional borders.

For international companies Biohubx offers a low commitment, soft landing entry point to the vast North American market. This opportunity comes with programming, access to network, and support with market discovery.

At the earliest engagement level, Biohubx offers virtual office packages to international companies interested in discovering the North American market and elevating their corporate brand image. This associates them with a reputable life sciences leader in Canada and provides them with a corporate address in Canada.

The first level of engagement also includes:

  • A corporate address in Calgary, Alberta
  • On-site and remote technical support
  • Business development support
  • Curated workshops
  • Drop in office space when visiting Calgary

At a deeper engagement level Biohubx can help start-ups tap into the clinical trials landscape. We help start-ups navigate the research system so that they are able to work with the right partners to conduct trials and seek regulatory approvals.

The Province of Alberta has an integrated healthcare system that services a population of over 4 million patients. In addition, the largest cancer centre in Canada and second largest in North America will be launching in Calgary in 2024.

Once start-ups are interested in physically setting up in North America, Biohubx can de-risk their entry by helping them secure office and laboratory space in one of its hubs. This welcomes them into an ecosystem of support, while eliminating the typical high-risk requirements of signing long-term leases. Start-ups will have access to technical and regulatory expertise, ecosystem connections and access to various funding opportunities.

For more information please contact Elisa Park Kim, Director of Business Development: